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Post  FallBack24 on Mon Feb 04, 2013 4:01 pm

Welcome. We're glad to have you in our Madden 13 community. This is a section to let you know what's expected of you on an in-game weekly basis.

1. Most importantly, play your games (or send me a message). After completing one game, you should look at your team schedule to figure out who you play next and send them a message to set up a game time. If you don't hear from them one day, message them the next and try again. If for some reason you don't hear from your opponent by 10pm eastern the night before an advance, you must send me a message and let me know so I can put them to auto. That way you can still play the game and we don't have an unplayed game for the week.

2. We play all our games in this league. You should never set yourself to auto or sim a game unless you absolutely have to. If you can't play a game, let both myself AND your opponent know as early as you possibly can, then set yourself to auto so your opponent can play the game. That way no one is waiting around on you when you're not going to show. If it's an emergency and you can't get on XBL, my contact information, including my cellphone number, is listed in the Rules section. If you don't play and fail to send a message, there will be consequences.

3. Read rule #1 and #2 again. You HAVE to either play your game or send me a message telling me why. No matter what, you should have played your game or sent me a message no later than 10pm the night before advance. I frequently replace anyone who fails to do this.

4. Be courteous to everyone in the league. Even if you don't think they deserve it. That means here on the forums and during games. We're all friends here and we want to enjoy playing against each other. If you have a problem with anyone, talk to me and I'll help you deal with it. I take all complaints seriously.

5. Read the rules before you play a game. If you don't understand something, say so. You are expected to have read and follow all the rules the minute you start your first game.

6. Visit the Forums. If I see someone isn't visiting and reading the updates I post, I warn them once. Then I replace them with someone who is willing to be an active member. I put important information on the forums every couple days. You have to read it if you want to be here.

7. Have fun. Don't get too frustrated over losses. Don't get pressured into making mistakes. Remember that it's just a game, and that there's always next season. Building and rebuilding your team is half the fun. So is having a friendly rivalry with other owners.

8. Talk to me. If you have problems or questions, I'm here to help. If you don't agree with the way someone plays, even if there isn't a rule against it, tell me about it. I try my best to maintain the integrity of this league and make sure everyone is playing against each other on fair and equal ground. Wins and losses don't really matter otherwise.


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