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Post  FallBack24 on Mon Feb 04, 2013 3:54 pm

Trading Rules

1. All trades must be posted in the "Trading Proposals" section. If a trade is done during the Draft, it must be clearly announced. After the Draft completes, you must immediately post the trade afterward.

2. All trades will be put to a vote by a 5 person trade council by who I see fit for the position . If you haven't been asked, you aren't part of the voting. At least 3 votes are needed to accept or deny a trade.

3. Any player traded for may NOT be re-traded till the next offseason. Additionally, you may not pick up a free agent and trade them in the same season that you signed them.

4. When posting a trade please included Position, Player Name, Overall, Age, Salary, and Contract Length.

5. If any player is booted or leaves from the league before playing at least 4 games any and all trades made will be reversed. If you're trading with someone new and don't feel as though you trust them that much yet, don't make the trade. You'll be stuck with any penalties.

6. Any trades made without league authorization from this point on will be forcibly reversed at the expense of the teams that made them. Sorry, but you should have read the rules and/or waited for the necessary votes.

7. Absolutely NO CPU TRADES! All trades must be done by users. No one wants to come into a league where their team just gave up big players they would have liked to have. (See Rule #5) Do not propose trades to or accept trades from the CPU. Before accepting a trade, make sure there is someone controlling the team that proposed it.

8. The league has a Week 9 trade deadline. You may not propose any new trades until after we advance to the offseason after Week 9.

9. Once you have proposed a trade and it has been accepted, you must honor that trade. The only exception to this rule is if both owners agree to cancel the trade before it has transpired.

10. There will be a strict limit of 4 trades per team for each year, including the offseason and season. This is regardless of whether or not teams get new owners throughout the season. This rule is here to protect teams from being completely dismantled over the course of a single season or stacking up cap penalties. Exceptions can be made in extreme cases be must receive direct approval from me.

11. Trades are limited to including a maximum of 3 players and/or 3 picks. This means the most you can trade away in a single trade is 3 players and 3 draft picks. I will not change this rule for anyone. Trades must be kept to a reasonable size so that we can accurately judge how equal they are when we vote on them.


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