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Post  FallBack24 on Mon Feb 04, 2013 3:47 pm


1. Motioning Players: Only 1 player may be moved presnap (and you must user this player to start the play). The ONLY exception to this rule is when coverage is not aligned. You may NOT bring safeties down into the box that you don't user. You may not attempt to overload 1 side in an attempt to get a nano. All presnap playmaker shifts are allowed.

2. Play-Calling: Mix it up. Don't bump every down; don't call the same blitz every passing down; You may, of course, stick to a base D but try to mix it up as much as possible. If it's unrealistic, you'll be asked to stop. If I get repeated complaints from league members, we'll find another coach.

3. Adjusting D-Linemen: You may not manually adjust D-Linemen presnap. You cannot manually move a DE outside. Presnap dpad adjustments are allowed.

4. Pass Interference: Try to avoid committing pass interference. Madden simply does not call it, especially when it's user vs user.

5. Positional Play: No manually pulling D-Linemen into coverage unless it is a zone blitz. You cannot drop a defensive lineman into coverage BEFORE the snap. You can user him to cover if you’ve given him a zone assignment (i.e. yellow zone in a zone blitz or a flats zone to guards the flats). Please be sim, do not sprint him back and use him as a third safety in a two man under.

6. Audibles: You may not “audible down.” For instance, you cannot call quarters and then audible to a 4-3 formation so you have a safety paying defensive end.

7. Positional Subs: (A) Linebackers can play any linebacker position (i.e. ROLB can play MLB, MLB can play LOLB) (B) Cornerbacks can play safety and vice versa (C) A linebacker may play defensive end on two conditions: (1) You declare that you will be playing the LB at DE. (PM or post will suffice) (2) You must provide evidence that the LB sometimes plays DE in the NFL (i.e. OLB Mario Williams can play DE, but MLB Patrick Willis CANNOT play DE).

8. Dropping Players into Coverage: You must rush a minimum of 3 defenders on 1st and 2nd down and a minimum of 2 on 3rd down. This includes defending against last second Hail Mary plays. This is not to be abused.


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